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Hotmail was probably the first web based free email services provided variegated services such as Hotmail password recovery solution and support, Hotmail hacked account problem and once there was a huge craze around it. This was probably the first email service providers which allowed us to send mails to another person for free. This made communication even easier as people could outsource work through mail and keep contact with their clients offshore. The company was founded in the year 1996 and people instantly started to enlist their names under this email services. It was easy to use and most importantly, since it was free, it became a mode of communication for a lot of businesses.

Hotmail password recovery

But then in 1997, Microsoft bought Hotmail. But this change was good for the users as Microsoft introduced even better services and technologies that could transform the way we communicate to one another. To simply put this, Microsoft made everything even easier. Then in 2012, Microsoft decided to change the name of Hotmail and thus they name it Outlook.

When we talk about Outlook, businesses all around the world seems more relaxed because this a name that they can trust. People nowadays are more familiar with Outlook than Hotmail, though they are the same thing. But even though Hotmail is easy to use and has somany advantages, this services is not void of its flaws. To start with, Hotmail has a very strict security guideline that is impossible to break. So if by mistake you fail to remember your password or simply type it wrong for a number of times, it can even block your account. This was made to make your accounts secure and safe which is a good thing. But on some occasions, this can become a major issue for the owner of the account as well.

Though this may seem a bit difficult to solve, but Hotmail Login problem and Hotmail hacked account problem are very easy to solve. Because all you have to is go to Hotmail password recovery page and put the right information’s. To recover your account, few things are very crucial for you to remember and that are your phone number and your security question. If you remember them correctly they half of your problem is already solved. If you have given your right phone number then, Microsoft will send you an OTP that will help you to recover your account. But if you haven’t given your phone number, then your security question can help you out with this.  If you are unable to recover your account properly, you may contact Hotmail password recovery phone number for help and Hotmail customer service & Hotmail support.